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Re: various minor issues

Thank you for your reply.
Inline works for this mail:

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 08:43 +0800, David Godfrey wrote:
> I can't stress this strongly enough.

Got it.

> > 1. change sales person in user prefs page.  The customer base was
> > imported from another database, and the import set the only user on the
> > system at the time as the salesperson for every customer.  Now, on the
> > customer page, we cannot change that salesperson.  Is there a way to do
> > that without deleting/re-adding customers, I also do not see this field
> > present in the customer table.
> >   
> Yes.
>   Go to AR-> Customers-> Reports-> Search
>   "find" the customer.
>   At the bottom of the customer details,
>     you should be able to change the "Salesperson"
>   Click Save.
> If this won't work repost to the list and we will try and find out why.

This does not work.  There is an entry, but it is not a drop down box.
There are multiple employees listed in the hr section.

> > 2. invoice number right away.  The flow of doing invoices, for this
> > client, is such that they would like to know the invoice number before
> > the invoice gets posted, else they have to go back to see it.  As far as
> > I know, the invoice number only gets created at post time, or when the
> > invoice gets emailed (maybe when it gets printed too, I don't print so I
> > don't know).  Is that just the way it is going to be, or would there be
> > something I could modify that would bring the invoice number up on the
> > first update instead?
> >   
> This should be doable, I will hopefully be talking to one of the 
> developers shortly,
> so will find out if it will be a problem and look at providing a patch.
> I will need to know what version of LSMB you are running.

1.2.18 - I believe that to be the current stable version as of when I
installed it some weeks ago.  Am looking very forward to trying 1.3, but
not here.

> Does the customer print invoices at creation?

No.  Or at least not always.

> Also what country is the customer in?


I also think Stoller's idea is very plausible.  I haven't implemented it
yet, but I think that it will be a very good solution.

> > 4. where in the database is the gst/pst so I can set it to yes for all
> > customers?  After importing all of the customers, on the customer page
> > the taxable check mark is not set.  Like the salesperson, these fields
> > do not appear to be present in the customer table of the database.
> > Where might I find the field so that I can just toggle them all on with
> > a sql command rather than going to each page individually?
> >   
> SQL Code to view tax included for each customer
> SELECT c.name, c.taxincluded FROM customer c
> If you need help with modifying the values ask on the list.

Hmm... I don't think this is quite what I mean.  On my customer list
info page, I have three options, gst, pst, taxincluded.  Setting the
taxincluded field in the customer table to t does not seem to affect the
gst and pst check boxes on the customer info page.  Probably Canada
specific, sorry I didn't mention that... 

Thanks again for your assistance...

Bob Miller
Network, Internet, Server,
and Open Source Solutions