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Re: various minor issues

Bob Miller wrote:
Thank you for your reply.
Inline works for this mail:

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 08:43 +0800, David Godfrey wrote:

I can't stress this strongly enough.

Got it.

1. change sales person in user prefs page.  The customer base was
imported from another database, and the import set the only user on the
system at the time as the salesperson for every customer.  Now, on the
customer page, we cannot change that salesperson.  Is there a way to do
that without deleting/re-adding customers, I also do not see this field
present in the customer table.
  Go to AR-> Customers-> Reports-> Search
  "find" the customer.
  At the bottom of the customer details,
    you should be able to change the "Salesperson"
  Click Save.
If this won't work repost to the list and we will try and find out why.

This does not work.  There is an entry, but it is not a drop down box.
There are multiple employees listed in the hr section.
Could you please email me a copy of the page source (in firefox "view>page source").
2. invoice number right away.  The flow of doing invoices, for this
client, is such that they would like to know the invoice number before
the invoice gets posted, else they have to go back to see it.  As far as
I know, the invoice number only gets created at post time, or when the
invoice gets emailed (maybe when it gets printed too, I don't print so I
don't know).  Is that just the way it is going to be, or would there be
something I could modify that would bring the invoice number up on the
first update instead?
This should be doable, I will hopefully be talking to one of the 
developers shortly,
so will find out if it will be a problem and look at providing a patch.
I will need to know what version of LSMB you are running.

1.2.18 - I believe that to be the current stable version as of when I
installed it some weeks ago.  Am looking very forward to trying 1.3, but
not here.

Does the customer print invoices at creation?

No.  Or at least not always.

Also what country is the customer in?


I also think Stoller's idea is very plausible.  I haven't implemented it
yet, but I think that it will be a very good solution.

I was thinking of something similar. but from memory the invoice number is not displayed after printing, although it has been generated and assigned, as it is on the printed invoice.
I think it should be a fairly simple modification to display it though.
We need to check with Chris T if there are any Legal complications for Canada.

4. where in the database is the gst/pst so I can set it to yes for all
customers?  After importing all of the customers, on the customer page
the taxable check mark is not set.  Like the salesperson, these fields
do not appear to be present in the customer table of the database.
Where might I find the field so that I can just toggle them all on with
a sql command rather than going to each page individually?
SQL Code to view tax included for each customer
SELECT c.name, c.taxincluded FROM customer c
If you need help with modifying the values ask on the list.

Hmm... I don't think this is quite what I mean.  On my customer list
info page, I have three options, gst, pst, taxincluded.  Setting the
taxincluded field in the customer table to t does not seem to affect the
gst and pst check boxes on the customer info page.  Probably Canada
specific, sorry I didn't mention that... 

Ah, OK, I am in Australia so only have taxincluded (no additional taxes defined)
Could you please email me a copy of the page source and I will have a look
Thanks again for your assistance...

Bob Miller
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