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Re: Lost Taxes After Restore

On Mon, 2009-10-19 at 13:30 +0100, beamends wrote:
> After recent events, I've done a pg_restore -d backup.sqlc
> but the taxes have stayed at the default values. I've changed the 17.5%
> to 15% (thanks Gordon), but my 0% rate had gone (books and export) and I
> can't remember what account code I used for it.
> First off, have I used the correct flags for pg_restore (I created the
> dataset for the company to restore into before restoring), and
> Secondly - as the parts have all "lost" their tax catergory (15%) - are
> the numbers going to add up in reports?
> Cheers
> Richard

Thanks for mail Chris. All sorted out now - I went one step too far and
created a user before restoring using the -d flag. After a bit of
faffing I found I should have not created a user, instead just created a
dbase and then resored using the -C flag (I think!). 

All is nearly well - one little hiccup was that although the 0% VAT rate
appeared ok, and is present on all Part pages, the books we sell (0%
VAT) have all had their VAT set back to 15% - easily put right but could
have easily been missed.

The installation is otherwise ok, but it is a bit flakey - if it
continues I'll post the error messages as and when.


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