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Re: Lost Taxes After Restore

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 5:30 AM, beamends <..hidden..> wrote:
After recent events, I've done a pg_restore -d backup.sqlc

but the taxes have stayed at the default values. I've changed the 17.5%
to 15% (thanks Gordon), but my 0% rate had gone (books and export) and I
can't remember what account code I used for it.

First off, have I used the correct flags for pg_restore (I created the
dataset for the company to restore into before restoring), and

Secondly - as the parts have all "lost" their tax catergory (15%) - are
the numbers going to add up in reports?

Hi Richard;

That is very strange.  All of this should have been in the database and hence I have to wonder why the tax values disappeared.  (You might try using pg_restore to restore the "tax," "customertax," "vendortax," and "partstax" tables only at this point.)

If you need me to look at the backup to ensure everything is fine, I can do that (but would have to charge for it).

Secondly, the numbers will add up because the financial data is stored separately.

Hope this helps.
Chris Travers


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