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Re: Sizes of companies using LSMB

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
Hi all,

Is there a listing (formal or informal) of sizes and types of businesses using LSMB?

A friend (and a fellow small business computer person) and I are looking to expand the usage of LSMB. One of the first questions we're trying to field is what sizes and types of business are using LSMB. I believe the United States "Small Business Administration (SBA) classify small as being less than 500 employees. Can anyone beat that? :-)

Anyone willing/able to share the size of their company and how LSMB is being used? And those that provide LSMB support and can share please also.

We're not, at this time, looking for names just some general information.

I'm using LSMB in a part time consulting business of mine. I will be using it for my conference call invoices soon.

Darren Wiebe
Aleph Communications