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Re: 2 persistant bugs; Seeking ideas where to look.

On Thursday 21 May 2009 15:37:53 Schmiechen wrote:
> The transaction ID's I am getting back in the session table do not match
> and ID's are not even in the table most of the time.
> I am using between 1-4 "new windows" and testing in FF and Konqueror
> Both databases are SQL_ASCII.
> There are two types of error.
> on the first it displays Session expired! and has a password entry.
> Upon entering the pass it works
> The second is the worst and non recoverable (what you are working on is
> lost). it displays Session expired! and has a password entry.
> Then it goes to login and asks for a password again.
> like the call back is lost.
> Thanks for any ideas!

I have found using the back browser button to go back 2-3 screens causes the 
second bug. Can anyone replicate this?
If you go back 3 times you get loged off and cannot log back on.



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