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Apply a pricegroup to all customers ???

I'm setting up an instance for a new online business which essentially
has only one product, which needs to be tracked in inventory (a part),
but which is packaged (assembled) and sold as variously priced products

Apparently, in order to apply a pricegroup to a part, I have to
associate that pricegroup with a customer.  But these pricegroups are
meant to be available to any and all customers.  Its up to them what
quantity they buy under what terms.  

Further complicating things, I anticipate that this business will need
to offer "unlimited" service for a monthly subscription.  Again, I must
track inventory -- as it gets used, so I know when to restock; and these
unlimited offers are available to all customers.  

Finally, in addition to whatever business comes through the website, we
also anticipate having a human sales force who should be able to offer
discounts (perhaps with a coupon code) to help close a sale.  

How do I set this up in LedgerSMB so that I don't need to assign every
customer to every pricegroup, but that every price group is available
to every customer?  How do I account for these unlimited packages?

-- Hugh Esco