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Re: Apply a pricegroup to all customers ???

OK, I've set end dates on the pricegroups on my part of the assembly of
those parts.  I hope that is sufficient to get them out of the way.
But they don't seem to go away.  Zombie pricegroups.  No way to delete

Everytime I update the form, it applies the price for the underlying
parts, irrespective of what 'sell price' or 'list price' I may attempt
to set.  

When I create an inventory of widgets from which to start building
assemblies, say Assy-1000, its taking the list price and markup on a
single unit and applying it to 1000 units to give me the price for
Assy-1000.  Do I need to change some settings on the underlying
part, to permit me to control the price on the assembly?  I've tried
setting the both list and sell prices on that form and am getting the
same results either way.

It is a test database, I could blow it away and recreate a new one,
unemcumbered by this issue, but that whole process has not yet been
automated.  Mostly setting back up two users.  

-- Hugh 

Chris Travers responded:

> Use assemblies instead. One of the limitations of the
> customer-pricegroup model is that each customer can only belong to one
> pricegroup. We might need to revisit this restriction down the road,
> but pricegroups are intended to be used for discounts offered to
> groups of customers. Here you want something different: A product
> which can be sold in a variety of forms at different prices.
> Assemblies work for that but have a little more maintenance. Most of
> this maintenance could be automated if you choose to do so.

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009 10:57:09 -0500
Hugh Esco <..hidden..> wrote:

> I'm setting up an instance for a new online business which essentially
> has only one product, which needs to be tracked in inventory (a part),
> but which is packaged (assembled) and sold as variously priced products
> (pricegroup).  
> Apparently, in order to apply a pricegroup to a part, I have to
> associate that pricegroup with a customer.  But these pricegroups are
> meant to be available to any and all customers.  Its up to them what
> quantity they buy under what terms.  
> Further complicating things, I anticipate that this business will need
> to offer "unlimited" service for a monthly subscription.  Again, I must
> track inventory -- as it gets used, so I know when to restock; and these
> unlimited offers are available to all customers.  
> Finally, in addition to whatever business comes through the website, we
> also anticipate having a human sales force who should be able to offer
> discounts (perhaps with a coupon code) to help close a sale.  
> How do I set this up in LedgerSMB so that I don't need to assign every
> customer to every pricegroup, but that every price group is available
> to every customer?  How do I account for these unlimited packages?
> -- Hugh Esco
> http://www.CampaignFoundations.com