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Re: How to manage packaging


2007. 09. 26, szerda keltezÃssel 10.01-kor Chris Travers ezt Ãrta:
> On 9/26/07, Pongracz Istvan <..hidden..> wrote:
>         I try to explain a situation, what we usually have:
>         - We order a cable, for example 1000m.
>         - They confirm our order
>         - The factory  will produce it in this range: 0/+3%, for
>         example 1022m.
>         - They will send us a package list with the exact quantities: 
>           drum1: 500m
>           drum2: 522m
>           drums are one-way, so in this case this is free, but there
>         are other
>         factories, where the drums have cost.
> Ok, I would add the drums to the invoice as a 100% discounted item.
> That is the simplest way to handle it at the moment. 

Yes, adding a drum as additional item to the list is not my problem.

I try to explain a little bit better :)

Now, if I add 2300m of MSR 2Y(St)YBY PIMF Blue 8x2x1 type cables with
certificate No. SIT20078734 with 4 drums, I will have in my stock 7200m
cables (because I had 4900m already in stock).

I cannot tell that, which drums has how many cables?

I have to know exactly, what I have in my stock.
Probably I'm wrong, but if I list products, I only will get a summary
and not a list about the cable sections.

And if I cut some of one drum, I have to decrease the quantity of that
Decreasing the total is correct, but useless in this case.

That is why I need a container type object in lsmb, which also a
product, but has this special feature.

I guess, I had to learn English better when I had time :)

Thank you for your patient,
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