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Re: Initial inventory, cancelling invoice, operating manual

On 7/16/07, Eduardo Huertas <..hidden..> wrote:

I'm evaluating your project for implementation to our

First of all, can you tell me if there is another
manual besides the one that comes with the source of
the project.  I'm thinking about an operational manual
like the one that the Sql-ledger sells.

Not at the moment.  Feel free to contribute.

Note that for 1.2, the projects are similar enough that the SQL-Ledger
and LedgerSMB manuals can be used to document eachothers' software.
This is starting to change however.

Other questions:

What is the best way to introduce initial inventory to
the system? We have a couple of houndreds of different

Use a vendor invoice.  This is required for correct COGS tracking.

What is the procedure to cancell an invoice, and that
all items are back in the inventory?

Issue a reversing invoice.  I.e. make all quanties negative.  This
best reverses the financial information attached to an invoice and is
safer than either deleteing or reposting an invoice.

Of course if you can point me to the "Operational
Manual" I can figure out this questions ;)

The manual that comes with the source code (in the doc directory) is
very task-oriented and actually includes all of this and much more.
It is accessible through the Help link on the menu.  It is, however,
very different from the SQL-Ledger manual.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers