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Re: New Install - Getting kicked out of Admin Screen

Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Chris Nighswonger wrote:
I realize this does not help pre-XP users, but the buttons in 1.2
appear to work fine under IE7.
Considering that IE 6 is considered EOL.... Our focus should only be on IE7 and its counterparts.

Not that I care one bit about IE, but I think it's pretty neat/funny to
have a perl-cgi application that requires IE7 ;)

Well we should support FF too and Safari. I am just saying IE 6 should be ignored.

Also, if IE7 is only installable after kissing the WGA ring, people might
keep running IE6 for a long while. I don't know what IE7 even looks like,
I long ago pushed everyone over to Firefox.

IMO, it is Microsoft's product. They have deemed it unsupportable. It is not for us to judge the validity of that.

If they don't want to install WGA (who could blame them) then they can run FF.

Joshua D. Drake

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