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Re: New Install - Getting kicked out of Admin Screen

I can verify that this is, indeed, the problem. I ran into this glitch a year ago while working for another company. The fix we used was to rename the button to something else, add a hidden field with the expected name and use an onClick event to set the hidden field to it's proper value. Bug-ugly hack but IE 6 users were then able to perform the functions they were trying to do. Same goes for inputs of type image as well.


Joseph R. Hunt, Jr. wrote:
A bit of googling found this:


"Discovered that IE and Firefox handle the <button> tag differently.

If you have a tag like

< button type="submit" name="b" value="abc">
Button Text< /button>

When the form is submitted, the value of the parameter "b" is "abc" in firefox (the value attribute) while for IE, it is "Button Text" (the innerText)"


I don't know enough of perl nor of LedgerSMB to verify that this is the problem, but it sure seems to be.


P.S - it is not a problem with cookies not being enabled. I tested for this.

Chris Travers wrote:
Normally, if a cookie expires, you get a Session Expired message and a request for a password.

The fact that he is getting kicked back and that this seems to be happening to multiple IE 6 users suggests that something isnt being sent to the web server as expected. Does IE6 handle <button> elements properly?

I good test would be whether this fails in 1.2 in IE6 but not 1.1 an IE6.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 5/12/07, *M Lubratt* < ..hidden.. <mailto:..hidden..>> wrote:

    It also sounds like a cookie expiration issue possibly.  Try
    removing all of your cookies and making sure the browser is
    accepting cookies.

    Good Luck!

    On 5/12/07, * Chris Travers* <..hidden..
    <mailto:..hidden..>> wrote:

        Hmm.... Makes me wonder if <button> elements are broken on IE :-(

        Anyone else confirm that this is the case?  If so we may need
        to look at some shim to fix it for these users.

        Best Wishes,
        Chris Travers

        On 5/12/07, *Vincent Bono* < ..hidden..
        <mailto:..hidden..>> wrote:


            Using IE 6.0.2900

            but your question made me try it in firefox which works!!!!

            Thanks - odd - since I use this same IE with an sql-ledger

            Thanks Again!



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