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Re: Postgresql / ident?

On 5/1/07, Antony Gelberg <..hidden..> wrote:
M Lubratt wrote:
> You first need to create the ledgersmb role first and allow it to create
> databases.  Something like:
> $ createuser -Upgsql -d -P ledgersmb

So why is INSTALL telling me not to create the role?  As in:

createuser --no-superuser --createdb --no-createrole -U postgres
--pwprompt --encrypted ledgersmb

It's not telling you to not create the role.  Read the man page for createuser.  This command creates the user ledgersmb.  The user is not a superuser for the postgresql system.  It can create databases (which you're trying to create).  It can't create more users.