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Re: Permission error updating chart of accounts

On Wednesday 02 May 2007 00:51, Chris Travers wrote:
> On 5/1/07, Leah Kubik <..hidden..> wrote:
> > Ok, so even though ledgersmb was the owner, it turned you you were
> > correct, the admin privs weren't set...  I've gotten past that and now
> > I'm getting an error with the relation 'chart'
> Are you logging into the db as ledgersmb?

In ledgersmb.conf I have:

DBUserName   = ledgersmb

Also when I use the psql command, I was using the root user, but it seems fine 
with ledgersmb as well:

frauerpower-accounts=> \z chart
 Access privileges for database "frauerpower-accounts"
 Schema | Name  | Type  |       Access privileges
 public | chart | table | {ledgersmb=arwdRxt/ledgersmb}
(1 row)

I seem to be able to do selects on the chart table, I haven't tried doing an 

Is there anything I can try?  I'm kind of at a loss as to where permissions 
could be borked... I don't mind exporting the database and trying to 
re-import it, if that might help, but was a little unclear on how I could 
properly do that with this existing data.  I also seem to be having a similar 
error in other areas of the application, so it's not just charts.  I can't 
add a new invoice, and so on...  It seems I can view everything, just no 
inserts or updates.  I'm sure it is a permissions problem, but I don't know 
where to look.

Is there a way to get any more detailed logs to verify the web application is 
logging in as ledgersmb, more details on the error, etc?

The ledgersmb user itself does not have super user privilages in postgres, but 
I did not think that that should matter..?  Sorry, when it comes to the user 
privilage stuff in PostgreSQL, I seem to have issues.


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