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Re: Recommendations for upgrading for SQL-Ledger users

On 4/24/07, David Tangye <..hidden..> wrote:

Sweet, that's me (and plenty of others here it seems), I am about to go
to 1.1.12, probably in the next few hours.
After playing with it, and backing up everything again, I shall check
how 1.2.4 is going with others here.

I suppose I was a little tense in my last email and I appologize.
Happens to all of us :-)

My point was that there are decisions which have to be made.  I would
guess that a large number of SQL-Ledger and LedgerSMB installations
are either single-user installations or are used in limited ways and
subject to other controls.  In these cases, LSMB 1.1.x can be safely
used provided that if you have multiple users, you have proper
controls outside the application.

If not, then despite the problems, you are probably better off with
1.2.x, I am sorry to say.  We are talking about both money and solid
business information here, and most accounting departments want to see
more security than 1.1.x (or even 1.2.x) offers.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know about the known issues in
1.2.4.  These were discovered during testing but, due to the fact that
they have a far lesser impact than the bugs we did fix and/or are
inherited from SQL-Ledger, we decided not to delay the release for

1)  Partsgroups don't work as advertised on sales invoice screen.
This is fixed in svn and a fix is available for those who ask.  Will
be fixed in 1.2.5.

2)  Discounts do not post with the correct amounts under very limited
circumstances (the rounding on post affects the unit price and does
not go beyond 2 decimal places).  While I consider this a moderate
problem, we did inherit it from SQL-Ledger and the same behavior
occurs in SQL-Ledger 2.8.1.  We are working on a fix.  I.e. if you
sell 10000 units at $0.03000 with a 10% discount, the discount never
takes effect because the unitprice is rounded back up to $0.03.  As a
workaround, use assemblies.

3)  Multibyte character codes are not properly escaped in many cases.
This is also inherited from the SQL-Ledger codebase and the fix is
likely to be released soon (and in 1.2.5).

4)  There are some issues with custom templates and custom logos.  In
particular (usually in your letterhead.tex) you need to use the
absolute path to specify the logo.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers