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Re: Recommendations for upgrading for SQL-Ledger users


On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 19:12 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> Hi John and others,
> > >
> > Chris, thank you for the explanation. Can I get a little clarification
> > please.
> >
> > If I convert my 2.6.x SL to 1.1.12 LS and I don't feel I have
> > compelling reasons to go to 1.2 at this time, would I be converting down
> > the road to a more stable 1.2 and then to 1.3?
> Yes.  The database schema is not expected to change in any significant
> way before 1.3

OK, after reading all the responses to this and the other thread, it
seems that it might be better for me to move to 1.1.12 first - I will
give that a go . . 

> > Or would there be a
> > migration path of 1.1.12 to 1.3 directly?
> I think that this may be possible as well.

That would be a good thing!

> > And finally, (I know it's
> > ready when it's ready) do you have any feel for the time lines?
> Maybe this summer, 1.3 will be ready.  Maybe sooner, maybe later.
> Hard to say.  However, aside from authorization issues, we expect to
> provide bugfix and security patch maintenance on 1.2.x until
> PostgreSQL 8.0 nears its end of life (a few years).
> >
> > My reason for asking is that my fiscal year starts in July and I would
> > like to be operational July 1 with the best, most stable state I can be
> > in at that time. Any upgrades I apply after that must be relatively
> > trouble-free. I am looking for information that would help me formulate
> > a strategy.
> In your case, stay with 1.1.x for now and wait until the 1.2.x branch
> settles down.  There are many large reasons why this particular
> release has been problematic, but since we are only doing maintenance
> releases on it, the problems will get sorted out.

Sounds like that is the best idea for me too.

Thanks for the constant feedback - it certainly wasn't like that on the
SL list!


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