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Re: Recommendations for upgrading for SQL-Ledger users

On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 19:12 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> > If I convert my 2.6.x SL to 1.1.12 LS and I don't feel I have
> > compelling reasons to go to 1.2 at this time, would I be converting down
> > the road to a more stable 1.2 and then to 1.3?
> Yes.  The database schema is not expected to change in any significant
> way before 1.3
I was just about to suggest that from what I had seen here, that the
best migration path that is manageable by LSMB in terms of scripting
logic, sounded like "always go to LSMB 1.1.12". Details are:

1. SL to a stable LSMB.

SL versions 2.6.12 thru to 2.6.27 -> LSMB 1.1.12. All those SL versions
use 2.6.12 version database, so as far as data migration scripting goes,
all are the same thing. This gets you from SL to LSMB. (I suppose I
better start contributing: I shall migrate today. If I need to hack this
migration I hope I shall be able to script the result and submit it
 - If you have an earlier version of SL, upgrade first to SL 2.6.12,
then migrate over to LSMB, as per the preceding.
 - If you have SL 2.8.x (currently just 2.8.1) there is NO migration
yet, but if you are on 2.8.1 already you are probably a cutting edge
hacker, so please hack the SL 2.6.12 to LSMB 1.1.12 script and submit it
into here. :-)
2. LSMB 1.1.12 to the latest (may be unstable) LSMB.

Upgrade LSMB via the normal LSMB upgrade scripts (SQL + ??). Hopefully
1.2.4 is stable. If any further scripting (eg shell) is needed to
upgrade cleanly from 1.1.12 to 1.2.4 maybe this should be the only new
functionality to go into a 1.2.5 release, ie to get to a stable 1.2.

> > Or would there be a
> > migration path of 1.1.12 to 1.3 directly?
> I think that this may be possible as well.
In the past, with SL at least, one could jump through several releases
in one step by installing the latest release, and running whichever set
of Pg-Upgrade....sql scripts related to your old and new releases. I
assume that this remains the case with LSMB. (I do not recall any
discussion lately to indicate contrary.) Chris, please let me/us know if
I need to be looking at any other upgrade hacks (shell commands that
ought to be scripted, and I shall look again at them.)

Finally, I appreciate the fully positive discussion lately. That's a
great sign, and bodes well for the project. Flames and personal attacks
might easily have crept in, and often do on many other sites.