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Re: Recommendations for upgrading for SQL-Ledger users

Hi John and others,

Chris, thank you for the explanation. Can I get a little clarification

If I convert my 2.6.x SL to 1.1.12 LS and I don't feel I have
compelling reasons to go to 1.2 at this time, would I be converting down
the road to a more stable 1.2 and then to 1.3?

Yes.  The database schema is not expected to change in any significant
way before 1.3

Or would there be a
migration path of 1.1.12 to 1.3 directly?

I think that this may be possible as well.

And finally, (I know it's
ready when it's ready) do you have any feel for the time lines?

Maybe this summer, 1.3 will be ready.  Maybe sooner, maybe later.
Hard to say.  However, aside from authorization issues, we expect to
provide bugfix and security patch maintenance on 1.2.x until
PostgreSQL 8.0 nears its end of life (a few years).

My reason for asking is that my fiscal year starts in July and I would
like to be operational July 1 with the best, most stable state I can be
in at that time. Any upgrades I apply after that must be relatively
trouble-free. I am looking for information that would help me formulate
a strategy.

In your case, stay with 1.1.x for now and wait until the 1.2.x branch
settles down.  There are many large reasons why this particular
release has been problematic, but since we are only doing maintenance
releases on it, the problems will get sorted out.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers