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Re: Clarification on hotfix policy

On 22 Apr 2007, at 19:52, Chris Travers wrote:
On 4/22/07, Stroller <..hidden..> wrote:
I could use the hotfix, were my system "live".

Unfortunately there's no point in going live until I get this LaTeX
problem of mine sorted, and I've procrastinated over that so far. I
thought to have a grep through the modules in the next day or two,
find out where `latex` (& `dvips`??) is called during the invoice
printing process and see if I can add some logging or verbose output.

What sort of LaTeX problem?

As per my reply <http://tinyurl.com/2mjfqo>.

The latex and dvips are run in the LedgerSMB::Form->parse_template()
function.  If you need specific help, email the -devel list :-)

Found it. I'll follow up the previous thread, redirecting to -devel

Once I get my logo actually recognised I'll be able to get on with
rewriting my stylish invoice.tex layout - it'd be useful to email
myself the results as pdf, rather than waste paper, so I will of
course be glad to help test.

You can find the \includegraphics[]{} directive and point it to the
absolute path of the log (minus the extension).


But considering how lazy I am, 1.2.3 could be out by the time I ready
for that. ;)

You mean 1.2.5?

Um, the amount I procrastinate, the 1.4.x release of L-SMB may well be out the door before I'm up & running. But a sudden desire for expensive toys suggests I should get some invoices out the door, so I looked into this further tonight.

Please send me the email hotfix. I'll use it to email myself invoices whilst I tweak the layout.