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Clarification on hotfix policy

Hi all;

Just a note:  hotfixes are always available free of charge and are
committed to svn as soon as possible.  They are a part of the
community project but are released outside the normal release

I added the "free of charge" wording because to date, nobody has
contacted me for any hotfixes I have released and I was wondering if
there was an expectation that these would only be available for those
who pay.  That is not the case, and I appologize for any

We don't release these in general tarballs because we want to ensure
that there is additional (2-3 party) validation before we we release.
However, for those who are affected by the problems, I do ask for
prior contact so that if further problems are discovered, I can lend a
hand (also free of charge).

I do charge for labor in many cases and I do offer commercial support
accounts.  Hotfix release and support however is separate and not a
part of this service.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers