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Re: Great work... and a question

Quoting Chris Travers <..hidden..>:

On 4/13/07, ..hidden.. <..hidden..> wrote:
I think I am still traumatized by the memory of FORTRAN 77.....

I started with '77, but FORTRAN 90 is my mother duck, as 'twere. You need to embrace the fear. After you go numb, it doesn't hurt so much. FORTRAN 2003 introduces OO features. That is both bad and wrong, although not as wrong as OOCOBOL, which makes my mind break just to think about.

Actually....  If you can write PL/SQL, learning PL/PGSQL is not a far
step.  Our new architecture is going to be very stored procedure
based.  You may find that a good chunk of the app may be  within your
domain.  Again, that is largely what we are working on for 1.3.0.

Oh that's interesting. I like that approach. I do know PL/SQL, although these days I mostly only write it under duress or the promise of alcohol. I will take some more time to get to know Postgres. I have some free time coming up in May/June, and I may well take that opportunity to get up close and personal with it.

I have various ideas and suggestions for things that I would like to see in LedgerSMB, but I'll read through the mailing list archives first, to see what has been discussed. Only, not right now. I notice that it is 3am, and my alarm is set for 8...


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