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New email list announcement

Hi all;

One of our core developers, Chris Murtagh, had his support account
(for SQL-Ledger) cancelled by DWS Systems Inc, presumably due to his
involvement in our project.   He has informed us that his complaints
and requests for a refund have gone unanswered.  We are forced to
assume that others may be in the same position and so we are setting
up a new support list to help bridge what may be a gap in support
options afforded by the developer of SQL-Ledger.

In response to this problem, we have decided to set up an email list
aimed at providing SQL-Ledger help.  The idea is that we can provide a
safety net for people who have decided to give our project a try, and
perhaps even provide quality support.  The support is intended to be
transitional (i.e. until they can migrate to a current version of
LedgerSMB), but any type of support will be available.

The list will be uncensored, but the Ubuntu code of conduct will be
upheld.  The Ubuntu code of contact can be found at

Please join us at: http://lists.ledgersmb.org/mailman/listinfo/sql-ledger-help

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Note:  SQL-Ledger is a registered trademark of DWS Systems, Inc.  All
other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.