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Re: Migration path from SL 2.6.27

1.3.0 is the version to wait for if you are trying to upgrade from SL 2.8.

Otherwise I would suggest as follows:  Upgrade immediately to 1.1.x.
This significantly tightens security and data integrity.  Additionally
I recommend watching 1.2.x for a while and then upgrading.  SQL-Ledger
(all versions) have serious security issues we have sent to Dieter
which have been ignored and others which have only been partially
fixed.  However, if you need transitional support, we can provide it
as a community.

The upgrade to 1.1.x should be as simple as any SQL-Ledger upgrade.
However, we do tighten some of the integrity controls and occasionally
people run into problems cases where the data in the db is in an
inconsistant state.  If you do, write for help or contact us on #irc
and we can help you sort through it.

The upgrade from 1.1.x to 1.2.x is a little rough.  We have made a
number of changes, which although they are again good security design,
break a lot of backwards compatability.  These include:
1)  User information is stored in the database (we have a script to
migrate users)
2)  No server writeable and executable perl scripts ;-)
3)  Some template syntax changes (we have a script to migrate these)

The 1.3.x transition may be a little rough in other ways.  User
management is going to change again for the better, and the template
structure will change.  1.3.x will almost certainly have a great
number of changes and new features but we are still working on exactly
where we are drawing the line :-)

* Custom templates may need a little work to be compatable with 1.3.

After 1.3.x, the transitions should get easier.  Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/13/07, M Lubratt <..hidden..> wrote:

I just tried to upgrade to SL 2.8.0.  I encountered bugs and changes to the
UI which made my job more difficult.  So, I've "re-wound" my upgrade and
I've started looking at LS.  My current installation works well for what I
need.  However; I like the direction that LS is going (referential
integrity, numeric types, newer APIs, moving logic into the database, etc).
I've seen people mention that version 1.3 is the version to wait for.  So,
after a long introduction, my question is:  Will my migration path become
more difficult the longer I wait to switch to LS?  Afterall, LS is having
teething problems (bugs) as well.


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