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Re: wrong total

I am on this.

1.2.2 corrected all sales tax storage and printing issues, but
apparently did not correct one display issue (the total on the invoice
or order screen).  I see what the problem is, and will be fixing it
shortly.  A hotfix will be available prior to release of the full
package for those severely affected by this problem.

In fact, I should have a hotfix ready later today.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/13/07, Dustin Tenney <..hidden..> wrote:
I am running the 1.2.2 version and for some reason my totals on invoices
don't add up correctly.  This only happens when I have a non-taxable product
on the invoice.

My subtotal adds up correctly and the tax is shown correctly, but the total
is always wrong by a small amount.

What is interesting is if I go to print the invoice or look at the total
from the search results it shows up correctly.

A couple other things I would like to see in smb.  The ability to specify a
database schema rather than the default public.  Also the way taxes are
applied I could see causing trouble for me.  Right now it seems the tax is
tied to a customer and product.  What if today the customer it taxable
because of his location.  The customer ends up moving before his next order.
 Now he is no longer taxable.  Making this change to his profile seems to
mess up previous invoices.  It sure would be nice to have the invoice itself
taxable and not the customer.

Thank you!
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