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Re: Automating backups

Peter Houppermans wrote:
Once I have the data on the harddisk currently on my desk recovered (120GB trickling through a USB2 straw for reasons I can't go into :-) I'll start building the box that will carry our LedgerSMB pilot. I shall submit my scripts as contributed suggestions for improvement (mainly because I'm so busy I haven't even found time to save myself time -ironically- by sitting down with the bash guide and browse through some scripts) - or start with the ones someone seems to have just made available.


And, cough, yes, I can't recall suggesting an APP should add to cron - my view was from the perspective of a system administrator (duh :-). LedgerSMB is flexible enough as far as I can see to support small businesses too, and they tend to lack developed IT skills..

True and we are happy to help the small business, imo that is where our niche is.

Just one last question: I best go for a stable Ubuntu server platform, but would it be worth starting with LedgerSMB 1.2 RC3 or is the full release still a way off?

1.2 final is actually released, we haven't quite got it up on the website.


Joshua D. Drake


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