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Re: Automating backups

Once I have the data on the harddisk currently on my desk recovered (120GB trickling through a USB2 straw for reasons I can't go into :-) I'll start building the box that will carry our LedgerSMB pilot. I shall submit my scripts as contributed suggestions for improvement (mainly because I'm so busy I haven't even found time to save myself time -ironically- by sitting down with the bash guide and browse through some scripts) - or start with the ones someone seems to have just made available.

And, cough, yes, I can't recall suggesting an APP should add to cron - my view was from the perspective of a system administrator (duh :-). LedgerSMB is flexible enough as far as I can see to support small businesses too, and they tend to lack developed IT skills..

Just one last question: I best go for a stable Ubuntu server platform, but would it be worth starting with LedgerSMB 1.2 RC3 or is the full release still a way off?

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