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Re: drafting invoices


Agreed ... I was not thinking of supporting it with all transactions, I just as clear as I should have been. It should be done for those transactions where it makes sense: things like invoices, quotes, orders, etc.

.. and yes the presentation should always be separated from the method/mechanism.

I'm not certain how using GIFI makes the idea of "rollup accounts" not possible. A "rollup account" could be implemented similarly to the "heading/title account" that presently exists ... only it would be a container for other accounts (which could either be rollup or regular accounts). It does not require a GIFI code of its own ... in fact, it could be implemented solely as a presentation feature/view and the "rollup" value calculated at the time the page is produced.

I will look through sourceforge this week and put in an entry if one does not exist.


On 18-Mar-2007, at 17:18, Chris Travers wrote:

Hi Roy,
Thoughts in-line.

On 3/18/07, Roy Nicholl <..hidden..> wrote:

That is one of the features of GnuCash I miss after transitioning to
SQL-Ledger / LedgerSMB.  In GnuCash, you can edit and save a
transaction without posting it ...

I am not sure we want to support this with all transactions.  GL
transactions, for example, seem to be an area where this would be
inviting problems.  Invoices and orders, though, could be stored as
drafts until they are finalized.

i you attempt to edit a posted
transaction, you are warned that it is posted and, in the case of an
invoice, are given the option of "unposting" the transaction - this
part is not exactly proper accounting procedure, but convenient
(being prompted to enter a reversing or corrective transaction/
invoice would be an alternative handling of a posted transaction).

Well, I think we need to separate user interface from mechanism here.

For example,

While I am at it, the second thing I miss about GnuCash are "rollup
accounts" ... this is especially handy for knowing at a glance what I
owe the government for GST or Payroll taxes. For example:

Since you probably use GIFI, that option it not available, but I would
think it would be possible?

Also there is limited support for this in financial reports such as
the balance sheed (if you click headers and subtotals).  This is based
on chart headings in the COA.

Also in 1.3, custom reports are going to get a whole lot easier :-)

I raised this feature request with SQL-Ledger a few years ago and was
blown off ... I know it wouldn't happen without a re-think of the
present application architecture ... but while we are collecting a
wishlist :)

Submit it to sourceforge, if it isn't there already (I think it is,
actually, but please check).

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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