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Re: Forum?

Gerald Chudyk wrote:
On 3/9/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:

There has been talk of adding forums to our community CMS.
Unfortunately, this is taking time to set up, since most of us are
putting more emphasis on code and less on infrastructure.

And that is the best use of your time. We really do not want to
distract your team from what you like doing best. If you need help
with anything then just ask and we will try and step up to the plate.
I second this comment.

I do like the push style of mailing lists over the pull method of forums.. although there is no reason that either cannot offer both.

Considering there is an existing mailing list http://gmane.org/ would be a good option in my view. Forum style for those who like to do things on a web interface and integration to mailing lists for us who prefer client based.

I would be happy to work out what is required and make it happen if desired.