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Re: Forum?


There has been talk of adding forums to our community CMS.
Unfortunately, this is taking time to set up, since most of us are
putting more emphasis on code and less on infrastructure.  However, if
anyone wants to host some other forums, I would be happy to link on
our web site.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 3/9/07, Matt Jackson <..hidden..> wrote:

I don't know if this is widely accepted, but as in learning Linux
through the Ubuntu forums, would it not benefit the Ledger-SMB
community to have a more searchable, more user-friendly forum, vs. a
mailing list which, while indexed, is just more clunky and less
centralized to search?

I guess I ask because all of my knowledge has come from "forum
digging" and as an absolute newbie, I found the mailing list paradigm
just a little less friendly in terms of retreving answers quickly.

Is this possible with any of the existing hosting for the project?

Also, what about Wiki documentation in the place of a forum, and from
which we could extract more fully fleshed-out PDF documentation? I
have found it beneficial to both have and especially contribute to a
wiki, as when I learn something new "tailored" to my type of usage, I
like to post it.

There are certain people with certain business interests who could
contribute and rapidly write community documentation from many
different angles, I'd imagine.

I am certainly willing to help, because I like this project.

- Matt J.

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