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I don't know if this is widely accepted, but as in learning Linux
through the Ubuntu forums, would it not benefit the Ledger-SMB
community to have a more searchable, more user-friendly forum, vs. a
mailing list which, while indexed, is just more clunky and less
centralized to search?

I guess I ask because all of my knowledge has come from "forum
digging" and as an absolute newbie, I found the mailing list paradigm
just a little less friendly in terms of retreving answers quickly.

Is this possible with any of the existing hosting for the project?

Also, what about Wiki documentation in the place of a forum, and from
which we could extract more fully fleshed-out PDF documentation? I
have found it beneficial to both have and especially contribute to a
wiki, as when I learn something new "tailored" to my type of usage, I
like to post it.

There are certain people with certain business interests who could
contribute and rapidly write community documentation from many
different angles, I'd imagine.

I am certainly willing to help, because I like this project.

- Matt J.