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Re: total newbie questions

On 12 Feb 2007, at 01:50, Keith Lowe wrote:
I did this with AR-->Sales Invoice.

I select the customer from the pull down.

Question #1 - do I just make up an invoice number?  How do I know that
I'm not using a duplicate?  Do I need to keep track myself?
Quickbooks just auto increments the last invoice number you created.
How does this work here?  Is this a good case of my having a "basic
accounting" vs. "QuickBooks" mindset?

Leave it blank. The invoice number will be created when you email (, print?) or post.

If you wish to start at a specific number then enter n-1 in System > Defaults IE: if this field says "700" then the next invoice you create will be 701.

You can also enter primitive formatting in that System > Defaults field. IE: if you wanted invoice numbers to be in the format CAS00123 then you would enter "CAS00000" there and the appropriate fixed letters and leading zeroes will be entered for each invoice.

Moving on - when I hit Post, it says "Item not on file!" and then
"What type of item is this, Part or Service" - where does it get this
from?  I have one service defined, and it is number 1.  But putting a
1 in the Item or Number fields in Add Sales Invoice doesn't do

Did you click update first?

"Post" actually commits the transaction. Normally you enter all or part of the part number (in your case "1") & then click update - the remaining fields (description &c) should then be automagically filled in. You should ensure that ALL the invoice details are fully correct before posting.

Note that I have seen similar behaviour when entering past invoices into SL - if you enter a part and then click save and then create an invoice in which you change the date on the invoice to last week. Basically SL considers the part as unavailable _on the date of the invoice_ - I think the way to deal with this is to enter an appropriately earlier date in the "updated" field when creating the part. I'm pretty sure you can also go & edit this field in already existing parts, so that SL will accept them when entering past invoices.

Finally, double check you have saved the part by looking in Goods & Services > Reports > All Items. Is it possible you clicked "update" rather than "save"? I can see this is perhaps confusing terminology.

Let me ask something else while I'm here:  about AP

I've added 2 vendors.  I now go to Add AP Transaction, and I select
one vendor from the pull down menu.  Not sure what to put in Invoice
Number, so I just make up "222".

I always enter here the invoice number that was on the invoice the vendor sent me.

I can go to AP-->Reports-->Transactions and see the invoice I just entered.

I should use Cash-->Payments, and I find the invoice I entered, enter a check number in Source, and Post.

Now what?

Now that AP transaction is in your database & it appears as part of your whole profit & loss thing in reports.

I guess what I'd like to do is to print the check, but I'm
not even sure about that.

Sorry, no idea. I didn't realise until I searched that this was a built-in feature and I think that printing cheques is far more common in the US than here in Europe.


PS: I'm actually still using SQL-Ledger (SL) from which Ledger-SMB is forked, but I'd assume they have diverged little so far.