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total newbie questions

I hate to ask basic things, but I've been all over the place
(sourceforge archives, any help files/pdfs I could find, etc.) and I'm
not sure what to do.  If anyone can point me in the right direction,
I'd much appreciate it!

I've used Quickbooks almost daily for about 10 years and I very much
want to move my company to LedgerSMB.  I got someone to install it for
me, and I can enter data, etc. but can't figure out how to do the
simplest things such as pay an invoice, write or print a check, etc.

Lots of people seem to be using this, so there must be something key I
don't have access to (or know where to find).  I've been through the
user manual but it isn't helping with stuff like this.  Right now I'm
trying to play with it, enter some of my data, and make sure I can do
everything I need, but that's proving harder than I thought.

Here's an example:  I can enter a new vendor, and go to A/R-->Add
Transaction to enter a vendor bill, but then what's next?  The manual
kind of says use Cash-->Payment or Payments, but I can't figure out
how that should work.  And after I've entered several bills, I should
be able to run an A/R  Aging report, but I can't get that to show any
data - it is just blank.

Is my QB experience messing me up - is it making me expect to see
things in a different way and making not grok the LSMB way?  Any help
would be much appreciated!  (if I'm just a moron, you can tell me,
just be gentle). (-:


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