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Re: Locale-specific issues?

Ed W <..hidden..> writes:

>> 1.2 has an ability to use loadable tax modules.  This allows one to
>> handle questions like "if I buy a muffin in a Toronto coffee shop, is
>> it taxable?" where the answer is "It depends on what else you buy."
>> The loadable tax modules have access to everything on the invoice.
> In the UK you charge VAT if the customer eats in, but not if they 
> takeaway....

Unless you keep the food warm for them to take-away, in which case you
charge VAT.

It's (probably) easiest to have per-item "is VAT-able".

I then have "VAT types" for each customer: UK & VAT-able, EU and
non-VAT-able, EU and VAT-able, rest of world and non-VAT-able.

This also lets me pull out the information to do the EC sales list and
VAT Return...

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