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Re: Locale-specific issues?

Chris Travers wrote:
Now, we just need to figure out how to deal with the locale specific
tax handling.  My suggestion is going to be to simply catalog those
who want to be maintainers of locale-specific modules.  But we could
bundle them if we have to (I am concerned about being responsible for
new releases every time anyone changes a tax rule though).  Imagine a
changelog for 1.2.1233: Updated tax rules for New Hampshire for June
15th change.

I'd like to request that one of the ways to deal with this is the ability to pass a set tax rate in as a value through the API. That ways, if an external program already has this figured out, there's no need for LSMB to handle/manage it. Currently, you can't pass in the tax rate via the API at all unless you set up taxes as a service, which makes me a little uncomfortable but don't really have any other option.