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Re: LSMB in garments assembly scenario?

GOvvin wrote:
Are there users of LSMB (or SL) from the aparrel industry?

I would like to know how LSMB handles  stocks with style/size/color
matrices? For example, i would like to have a pair of socks would have the
same style number (stock id?), despite variations in colors or sizes. (ie.
Stock # AA0B1 could have Blue, Black, Grey colors, in 6,7,8,9 sizes.) If I
run an inventory count for stock AA0B1, do I get a breakdown of the socks by
color and sizes?

Possible? Looking forward to your feedback.

I tried to do what you're doing and it ended up being something of a nightmare to maintain, particularly if you have multiple vendors of the same product (one vendor provides one size or color, another vendor provides another size or color). Rather than try to keep up with it in that manner, I had to create multiple parts with the style, color, and size making up the part number. I formatted it in this manner: style id + size id + color id.

In the end, this turned out to be the easier solution for client because inventory wound up being easier to view/manage and the external scripts I'm building to tie the e-commerce side of the customers application to LSMB became much simpler.

But that's my situation.