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Projects and Timecards again

Is there any way to show both the project number and description in the project number dropdown box on the 'add timecard' page? As you can see from the sample data, the project number is not very readable, though it relates directly to a filing system that has been in place for some time in this company. It would be helpful if the dropdown box could show both fields.

Sample data from projects:
Number Description Debtor Startdate Enddate
001c/06/D Erection of dwelling at Tullyhorkey,   Julie Mahon  01-01-2007   
002G-06-E Dwelling at Monea,
Declan Magee  18-01-2007   
003i/D CPO at Bundoran   F Hutchinson & Co. Solicitors   01-01-2007   

Steve Jacobs