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Re: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.1d upgrade issues

You also have to update the default table:

update defaults set version='2.6.18';

On 10/23/06, Michael Schultheiss <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
> If you need me to, I will send you a copy of the 1.0.0p1 tarball.
> However, your data is messed up :-(  Badly... :-(

I'm anxious to get this fixed.  In the mean time, I replaced the
Pg-upgrade-2.6.17-2.6.18.sql file with a blank file so the upgrade
doesn't bomb out.  I can restore it once I figure out how to fix my

> On 10/23/06, Michael Schultheiss <..hidden..> wrote:
> Not good....  Can you tell what sort of transactions these are
> supposed to be?  We could delete these rows and then upgrade, but I
> get nervous about deleting even corrupted accounting information.

I'll have to look into this and figure out what they are.

I did notice that in 1.1.1d, all of my transactions are showing up as
outstanding.  Account 10030 may be the account that payments were posted
to (although I don't know why it doesn't exist).  Now that I can access
the application, I'll try running some reports and see if I get more
useful information.

> Ouch....  Seems these "transactions" are being connected to chart of
> accounts entries.  I.e. you have entries in your chart of accounts
> that LSMB thinks are also financial transactions.  Not good.
> For the moment, to get you up and running, here is what I would recommend:
> SELECT * INTO acc_trans_bad FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id IN (select
> trans_id FROM acc_trans WHERE chart_id = 10030);
> DELETE FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id IN (select trans_id FROM
> acc_trans WHERE chart_id = 10030);
> This will move corrupt financial data from the acc_trans table to an
> acc_trans_bad table.  Note that it is possible that you may need to
> run parts of the upgrade script by hand starting with the command that
> failed.  You can use psql and any good text editor for this if you
> like.

OK - thanks for your help.  I do have a backup of my data from before
the upgrade so I could re-enter everything if necessary.

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