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Re: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.1d upgrade issues

If you need me to, I will send you a copy of the 1.0.0p1 tarball.
However, your data is messed up :-(  Badly... :-(

On 10/23/06, Michael Schultheiss <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
> Ok.  Let me explain this error and what it means.  It means that a
> financial transaction is posted against an account that currently does
> not exist.  Most likely, this was created againt an account that was
> deleted, or a bug in the software has caused it to post against a
> non-existant account.
> So the first question is:
> 1)  What is the transaction?  What account should it have been posted under?
> To determine this, in psql, pgadmin, or the like, run the following query:
> select * from acc_trans where chart_id = 10030;

This brings up 87 results.

Not good....  Can you tell what sort of transactions these are
supposed to be?  We could delete these rows and then upgrade, but I
get nervous about deleting even corrupted accounting information.

> Then run:
> select * from transactions where id IN (select trans_id from acc_trans
> where chart_id = 10030);

  id   | table_name
 10104 | chart
 10128 | chart
 10136 | chart
(3 rows)

Ouch....  Seems these "transactions" are being connected to chart of
accounts entries.  I.e. you have entries in your chart of accounts
that LSMB thinks are also financial transactions.  Not good.

For the moment, to get you up and running, here is what I would recommend:

SELECT * INTO acc_trans_bad FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id IN (select
trans_id FROM acc_trans WHERE chart_id = 10030);
DELETE FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id IN (select trans_id FROM
acc_trans WHERE chart_id = 10030);

This will move corrupt financial data from the acc_trans table to an
acc_trans_bad table.  Note that it is possible that you may need to
run parts of the upgrade script by hand starting with the command that
failed.  You can use psql and any good text editor for this if you

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

> Then you can run similar queries against the statements here.
> Note that you can get 1.0.0p1 releases from Sourceforge if you need to
> go back.  I think you have to expand the tree or click older releases.

I tried accessing them this weekend.  The University of Kent mirror was
the only one that had the files but I was unable to access them this
weekend.  I'll try again.

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