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Re: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.1d upgrade issues

Chris Travers wrote:
> Ok.  Let me explain this error and what it means.  It means that a
> financial transaction is posted against an account that currently does
> not exist.  Most likely, this was created againt an account that was
> deleted, or a bug in the software has caused it to post against a
> non-existant account.
> So the first question is:
> 1)  What is the transaction?  What account should it have been posted under?
> To determine this, in psql, pgadmin, or the like, run the following query:
> select * from acc_trans where chart_id = 10030;

This brings up 87 results.

> Then run:
> select * from transactions where id IN (select trans_id from acc_trans
> where chart_id = 10030);

  id   | table_name
 10104 | chart
 10128 | chart
 10136 | chart
(3 rows)

> Then you can run similar queries against the statements here.
> Note that you can get 1.0.0p1 releases from Sourceforge if you need to
> go back.  I think you have to expand the tree or click older releases.

I tried accessing them this weekend.  The University of Kent mirror was
the only one that had the files but I was unable to access them this
weekend.  I'll try again.