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Re: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.1d upgrade issues

A few quick questions before we go further:

1)  Do your books currently balance?  I.e. of you run a chart of
accounts report or a trial balance (without dates) do you have the
same number of credits and debits?

2)  Have you ever deleted any accounts that had transactions against them?

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

On 10/22/06, Michael Schultheiss <..hidden..> wrote:
I used SQL-Ledger for several years and when Ledger SMB 1.0.0 came out,
I upgraded to Ledger SMB with very few issues.  I've been using 1.0.0
for a while and decided to upgrade to 1.1.1d the other day.  I used
setup.pl from the 1.1.1d tarball and I assumed it upgraded everything
without issue since there were no errors.  When I tried to login, I kept
getting denied access.  I figured out that my user wasn't listed in
users/members.  After correcting that, I was able to login and now I

Upgrading to Version 1.1.1c ...

ALTER TABLE acc_trans ADD FOREIGN KEY (chart_id) REFERENCES chart (id)
ERROR: insert or update on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key
constraint "acc_trans_chart_id_fkey"
DETAIL: Key (chart_id)=(10030) is not present in table "chart".

Fortunately, I made a backup of my database before upgrading to 1.1.1d.
I suppose I can re-enter everything into a blank database but I'd prefer
upgrading my current data to 1.1.1d.

Any suggestions?

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