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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc2 released
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc2 released

2018. 06. 9, szombat keltezéssel 19.41-kor David G ezt írta:

Hi István,

A quick question, how have you installed 1.6-rc2?
From a tarball, git, debian packages, docker, other?

Also, can you please paste a sample string you are having trouble with into an email.
That way we have something to test against that's know to trigger the bug (Just in case it's triggered by a specific character or something silly)

David G

Hi David,

I used the tarball from lsmb website.
The problematic characters are:  íűáéúőóüö
Terminal locale settings:

You can see it in action here: https://youtu.be/ZVoOR5dVkMs

Anyway, meanwhile I found an other strange issue: related to sequences. The word partnumber showing instead of the value.

Thank you!

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