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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc2 released
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc2 released

Hi Istvan,

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 9:13 PM, Pongrácz István <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Erik,

2018. 06. 6, szerda keltezéssel 23.51-kor Erik Huelsmann ezt írta:
I found that, every output shows the correct UTF-8 characters, but when I enter a new value anywhere (defaults, coa, sequences) it seems the input handled as non-utf-8 and I got strange output when I open it again, like:
Püspökszilágy or Számla

Thanks for reporting. Is this different from 1.5.x? If not, it seems we have a problem on our hands, but it's at least not a regression.

I have no idea, I skipped the 1.5 line.
I still use my 1.3.45 version in production :)

That's perfectly fine of course. I'm wondering though: does that 1.3 version have the same UTF-8 issues? Or does UTF-8 work correctly (in contrast of the issues reported with 1.6)?





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