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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Adding to OpenBSD. Is this a good time now?
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Adding to OpenBSD. Is this a good time now?

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Adding to OpenBSD. Is this a good time
> now?
> From: David G <..hidden..>
> Date: Tue, December 19, 2017 6:16 pm
> To: ..hidden..
> Hi Chris,
> What software was running the forums, and how much disk space does the 
> current data use?
> I have a server running on google cloud that I can look at adding a 
> container to.
> Regards
> David G

Thanks, but I found a server that should be OK.
I'm just waiting for the hardware to be set up
and I can get stuff installed!

I'm using mwforum which is no longer under active
It has an addon to turn incoming mail into posts.
I've never had any security problems with it.
There were a few troll bots that registered, but 
that was a long time ago and wasn't a big problem.
I do a few strange things with the incoming mail
to not lose anything when the forum or PostgreSQL
is offline.

My main concern is that I have lost all of the recent
mail for months now. If there is a way to get the mail
sent again to add it to the database, that would be 
great, but the move away from Sourceforge also happened. Worst case
might be best just to restart the
mail boards from scratch starting when I get everything
running again. I was already considering trying to 
trim off the old mail anyway since the database dumps
were getting pretty large. 
Perhaps a couple of emails that sum up what's going on 
and what has been done would be the simplest way to 
solve the missing emails.
I could make these sticky posts at the top of the boards for each
mailing list. 

Thanks for the offer, hopefully I will get everything
up and running in a few days. 

Chris Bennett

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