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[ledgersmb-devel] Adding to OpenBSD. Is this a good time now?
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[ledgersmb-devel] Adding to OpenBSD. Is this a good time now?

A lot of Perl modules need to be imported into OpenBSD
in order for it to be installable.
I plan on asking for help to do this from OpenBSD users.
It seems like LedgerSMB would now be a good import with
all of the development of testing, etc.

Are there any big changes on the immediate horizon for
I'm not running LedgerSMB because of the work that needs
to be done first.

As a side note, I am working on getting the forums back up,
but $$ are a bit of a problem right now. Trying to find a
baremetal server outside of the USA that I can afford hasn't
been successful so far. I found one, but they charge $30 for
remote access for 24 hours. I can't afford $90 a month, which
is most of what I am finding.

Chris Bennett

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