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Re: Today's notes

Hi Erik

Entering a sales order , and trying to print it as HTML (PDF doesn't
work because of some latex encoding problems. I hope this cam be fixed
in the latex world)

Did you try configuration of XeTeX? It's said to support UTF-8 very well (although modern enough LaTeX should too).

I tried the xedemo templates today, and I think there's progress, but it complained about a missing font, before I ran out of time. "The font "LiberationSans-Regular.ttf" cannot be found." to be exact.

So I guess I'll have to find the and install misssing font(s). Next time I have a spare moment.

I've heard this one before. Is it only on the printed output? Or is it everywhere? That is, on the screen as well, when you recall the saved order?
I'm asking because I've tried to reproduce this before (there was a bug about it), but I couldn't reproduce yet I think this is an absolute "needs fixing" before RC1 if it's still there.

It's even on screen, and it's consistent when I find an order and try to print. It's certainly here, and I'm running off git master


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