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Re: Today's notes

After a lot of great activity in the repo, I tested 1.5 a little more 
today. Just reporting the most surprising results...

The pricegroup feature on parts seems seriously broken. Chris changed 
the misnamed "break" to "discount", but it's really a strange thing to 
allow both discount AND a separate sell price - and make the calculation 
with these numbers. Instead of this, I would expect

- A quantity (the word "break" which was used before is actually in use 
for this in other systems) for quantity pricing.
- Allow either of discount OR sell price

Entering a sales order , and trying to print it as HTML (PDF doesn't 
work because of some latex encoding problems. I hope this cam be fixed 
in the latex world)

- The last order line is missing. First I had two lines, and it printed 
the total of one. I added one line, and there was two in the order print.
- The description didn't come out

This is the standard templates. I haven't tried to change any templates yet.


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