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Today's notes


Today I tried to install from Github. This apparently requires to make 
dojo, which in turn requires to use submodules. As a sidenote, I have 
yet to be on a project where git submodules solves more pain than it 
injects. Perhaps LedgerSMB will be the first :-) Anyway, the problems 
are almost always on the maintainer so it's not my headache ;-)

Well, make dojo seems to go well, but the UI was off somehow, and it 
turned out that copying UI/js/lsmb from a tarball installation returned 
the missing functonality. Not sure what I should do to rectify this, so 
I'm reporting it now.

Another sidenote is not really LedgerSMB related, other than it can use 
Plack and Starman. It seems that just installing Starman on a plain 
Ubuntu doesn't enable ipv6. After some searching and testing, I solved 
it with cpanm  IO::Socket::INET6. I don't know if you think it's worth 
mentioning somewhere in the installation notes.

So I'm closing in on today's blocker, suddenly the Sales Order entry 
doesn't allow adding products. The Number field simply doesn't contain 
any items. Not sure what I did to get that situation, so I'm asking 
where the logic is placed. What decides which items are included in the 
Number field?


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