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Re: Today's notes


Tried to receive some items today in LedgerSMB.

- Created a pruchase order. This is for the initial stock update. so I 
used the 'Inventory Entity' vendor.
- Tried to find it in Shipping -> Receive. I had to update the To (well, 
To To...) date to today's date to succeed
- The fields don't align with the headers. I guess there should be a 
'Received' header in there.
- Found a warehouse in the dropdown
- Entered a number in what I suppose is the 'received' field.
- Hit 'Done'

And the screen just went blank. There's no sign of the entered item 

Another thin, while bug hunting, I noticed that the order__search 
function has a in_buisness_units int array parameter. It's not used in 
the function, and I would suppose that the name isn't quite right.


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