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Chart of Accounts - a suggestion


I'm currently working on a default COA for New Zealand.

One thing that I have noticed is multiple types of COA's in different country's directories, basic ones and complicated ones.

At present, I don't need (for example) payroll, inventory or Capital Assets - Land & Buildings.

So I go and delete those from my COA. Now, one day, I might find I need those categories, so I'd have to add them again -  and remember exactly where they're supposed to appear.

Why not construct a master COA, and instead of the delete option on the General journal - Chart of Accounts page, have a activate/deactivate option. You could also put the activate/deactivate option on a heading to deactivate all accounts in that section.

On deactivation, that account would no longer show up in drop down menus or on reports. If later on you reactivated it, it would magically re-appear. Deactivation, of course, would be disallowed if the account had been in a non-zero state during that financial year.

If done properly, with language translations attached, a global COA could be built - where accounts pertaining only to a certain country were automatically marked as activated when you select that country as the target when generating a new DB. During the generation, you could ask the user if they want payroll, inventory, etc etc, and mark as active or deactivate as you build the DB.


Andy Gardner

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