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1.5 functionality testing


Further testing 1.5 beta 6, and it doesn't really look so good :-(

First off, the password expires often, with the need to reset. I think 
it's every day or so, but even the one user with rolvalid infinity isn't 
allowed after a day or so. In the preferences page, there's no way to 
set it. In fact it isn't even displayed.

Furthermore, that page doesn't work at all. No matter what I set the 
preferences to, they're never saved.

Next, in my search for a way to enter inventory data, I found "Enter 
Inventory" under "Goods and Services". But there's no way to tell which 
storeroom to update, and entering a couple of lines of partnumbers and 
counted, and then hitting Save just renders a blank screen.

How do I keep track of items in different locations?

Then I thought I'd leave that for now and try to make an invoice 
template. Under "System" I found both HTML and LaTeX templates. But 
they're empty, and if I try to upload a file from the demos, I 
invariably get "No content at lib/LedgerSMB/Scripts/template.pm line 
127." No wonder, as the request is sent as 
application/x-www-form-urlencoded when I press the upload button.

How do I assign an invoice template so that I can produce PDF output?

I had a look at one of the demos, which of course was only 1.4, but they 
had no answers to the above. In fact, trying to produce a PDF invoice 
produced some latex rendering errors there.


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